Pattern: Flameheart Gloves Binds when picked up Item level 70 Requires Tailoring (360) Requires The Aldor. Flameheart Gloves Binds when equipped Hands Cloth 97 Armor +15 Stamina +11 Intellect +40 Fire Resistance Durability 30 / 30 Requires Level 70 See also Contribute. Number of MySQL queries: 15 Time of MySQL quries: 0.. Flameheart Vest = 50 FR. Flameheart Bracers = 30 FR. Flameheart Gloves = 40 FR. Phoenix-fire Band = 30 FR. Flame Armor Kit = 8 FR. Put on either the chest or gloves, depending on your other enchant preference. Master Demonologist Talent + Felhunter = 70 FR. Fire Resistance Aura or Fire Resistance Totem = 70 FR.

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